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December 5, 2019

21 000 rub. Oh, you didn’t have to come here. How is it?
But like this. Paris Hilton dress, how much does it cost? The heroine of the brand. How can you describe it? How much does it cost? Well, would you wear it?
I would have worn it, but I wouldn’t have bought it. Put down likes, But this is a shop exclusively for spicy fashionistas. Put down likes, It’s a dress.
No, it’s a corset Shopping in Moscow. The most fashionable stores. The overview with Gosha Kartcev We do apologise for sound problems in this video. It lasts no more than 10 minutes. Friends, hi, everybody. I decided to open a new section on my channel. It will be a kind of guide, a map of fashionable Moscow. We travel a lot, meet all the world’s designers, and I thought, why don’t we tell you about the Russian guys who open conceptual stores, create creative projects, who care about what happens in our country. That’s why I’ve decided on a friend of stylist Gosha Kartcev, who will walk with me through these fashionable places, and we will make the most detailed analysis of these places. We will show you the most interesting in the GUM Section, the first place for today. Actually, is this guy at the bar – Gosha. Hi!
Hi! Gosha, thank you very much for agreeing to this experiment. It seems to me that in tandem with Gosha we will be able to examine everything. And conquer the world! And let’s start by asking Gosha (he knows I’m going to ask him this question), do you wear Russian designers’ things? This is the first question. And do you dress in Moscow? I wear Russian designers and I buy clothes in Moscow. But not only in Moscow. I don’t see any problem with that, because Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan are great places to shop. And I advise you all. Yes, but now in Russia there are many young designers in different directions who create great clothes. . We ran a little around the Section, looked at it. Here are my favourite and new designers. While we are waiting for Ilya, who will also tell us a little about his new place, let’s go for a walk and see what is interesting here. A cool brand of retro aesthetics “2 balls”. I think it’s cool that it’s an affordable alternative to Converse and others. And it costs less. Yes, I have one pair of “2 balls”. It’s such a nostalgia for the 80’s. I don’t really remember them. I hope you do, too. Very cool and very cheap. 3600 rub. for sneakers – it’s cool. Here you buy and support the Russian manufacturer, retro-aesthetics – it’s fashionable, goes with any outfit. Look, for example, here is this base model. For boys, and for girls. Tall and low, black, white, whatever you want. Do you know these guys from St. Petersburg? Razgulyaev Blagonravova. Yes. What can you tell me about them? Well, unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m a fan of these slippers I just have leopard slippers… I once took them to the street-style too. Yeah, but these are home shoes. This is their basic line. Where was that one very cool Moscow brand? GRUNGE JOHN ORCHESTRA. I’ve never heard of it. Really? I’ve never heard of it. They make very brutal men’s clothes, and specialize in creative outerwear. . They have been around for a long time, for 10 years. In general, they make very cool clothes out of knitwear, pay attention to detail, everything is very well processed, and inexpensive. 12000 rubles. Not too cheap, but not too expensive. They used to make shows. And why is the name GRUNGE JOHN ORCHESTRA? I can’t tell you. Let’s move on. What else did I want to pay attention to? On the leather. In Russia, we learned how to make great bags. I’m glad, because a leather bag for 10 thousand rubles is cool. It’s a collaboration. I think that 10 thousand rubles for a leather bag is a great gift. Okay, well, you like slippers. Here, Isabel Marant has a men’s lineup, which I’m very glad of. Because, frankly speaking, it is well represented. I just love women’s.
So the men’s room is also very cool. Street-style is cool, and try the quality, feel it. Very cool!
С Murad would like it very much. Note that there is a Russian cosmetics brand here, Sergey Naumov. I just wanted to say! Sergey Naumov is my favourite, expensive, talented brand. . It is not easy to make cosmetics in Russia, and Sergey does the impossible. The impossible is possible! This is his slogan, I think. I have almost everything from this line. Lip balms are just great, great ink. k. I was just telling you in an interview. I think it’s very cool. I also like the design very much, and the fact that they are represented in department stores is very cool. It seems to me that the fact that Russian cosmetics brands are emerging is amazing. So, look, there are also sneakers of the cool brand JOSHUA SANDERS, which I love very much. I advise everybody. They are just comfortable and inexpensive. And fashionable. Do you have one of these?
I don’t have any. But everyone has them. My namesake makes beautiful jewellery, look, it’s his. Yes, yes, it’s all RUSHEV. And in fact, I don’t know who it is, but it looks very cool. It’s for glasses. But downstairs, there was one in the window. Yes. A good idea, made of pearls. Look, I also want to say that I love young designers very much. And with Rushev I even did a collaboration. He is so cool. We were going to Jordan, and he made me shawls. #FollowMeTo style. We drew two hands there, and it was very beautiful. Okay, we just found out that the room here was completely different and things changed here. How did it all start? We used a well-known practice – a process called gentrification. This process started in the 1960s, when various industrial premises were transformed into studios, and so on, like, for example, Dior and some other major brands. Accordingly, there was a similar story here. There were warehouses, a large number of warehouses. When we were looking for a place to place our big store, nobody paid attention to these premises. And then I, together with Marusya, who works in the procurement of the Section store, graduated from the master’s degree in specialization Fashion Marketing on a wave of enthusiasm. In addition, we began to communicate closely with the guys who work in the fashion industry in Moscow. And there was such a thing that I was telling about the specifics of the Russian market in London, and we thought it would be great to make a pop-up project dedicated to Russian designers. and we thought it would be great to make a pop-up project dedicated to Russian designers. although Russian fashion existed, we know loud names, but it did not form a global wave. We really wanted to bring together diverse views on Russian fashion. It was also, to some extent, a research project. There are some Husky bodies here, even with the 2×2 TV channel. I think it’s great when we take something that only we have and try to make something fashionable out of it. And I think that in principle this street-style line could represent our country. It seems to me that the implementation of the idea is very successful here. When you don’t just take a good national idea and try to exploit it. ARUT MSCW, which is very much loved by the stars of the Russian show business, and not only. For example, the singer Laboda, often wears the clothes of this brand. Here we see the brightest part of his collection. This is very good, because if you have a senior year or a new year, you can celebrate in the clothes of this brand. You said that there are more understandable things. Yes, of course, there are more understandable things, but I can say that it looks very cool on stage, at a photo shoot, at very festive events, s, and the prices are very decent. I like the fact that the guys go out, rehearse. It seems to me that if you want something out of the ordinary, such sections help you out. And there are a lot of brands here that are not well represented. For example, Opening Ceremony or men’s Isabel Marant. it is worth using such opportunities and such places, while creative and young. Gosha, we still have a couple of places to visit, so let’s move on! Let’s go! I’m very excited about the great magazines that I can buy here. This is one of the important parts of any Concept Store as I think, and in this case what is valuable for me in particular KM 20. Heron Preston, a very important part, because his Olga brought it here herself, made a party. Yes, I remember the fashion event. there’s Palm Angels. By the way, not so long ago there were no sneakers here before, and of course, sneakers, which, I think, you are indifferent to. No, well, why, for example, that’s what you need I’m kidding, I’m kidding.
In every joke there is a part of the truth you understand. Sometimes I don’t like shiny things, what’s the big deal here. By the way, it’s a collaboration with JW Anderson – it’s a creative director of Loewe, together with Converse, costs 11 thousand rubles. By the way, this is a very important point because many people are afraid of Concept Stores, because they think that it is very expensive here. Yes, I think so too
You think it’s expensive here? Here, this is a family shop. I think you can buy some things here. There are a lot of sneakers available here. But the fact that you told me that you can buy something fashionable for 11,000… Yes, from the creative director of the luxury brand, and that’s great. Let’s see, there’s the Kar brand. The price of a T-shirt is 7200 rub. We can wait for the sale.
Well, not so bad. Well, just here is more affordable market than on the second floor. There is a A-Cold-Wallcool brand, children wear it. Cool. Children. Boys, remember, In general, street fashion is very well represented here. Why don’t you tell me your coolest purchase here, and I’ll tell you mine, please? Oh, well, we’ll look at it first, and then we’ll choose. What projects are presented? Come on! Y/PROJECT, Here are their iconic carpets, by the way. Well, that’s cool!
Okay, creative. My Dagestani theme, come on! These are the last remnants of the times of Raf Simons, the designer. Why does nobody buy it? You go into the shop and think why nobody takes it. That’s the thing about such stores, that they quickly disassemble things. Here is a beautiful very skirt. What would you wear it with? With something very simple. T-shirt, shirt?
Yes, a T-shirt would be nice. acket?
No jacket, I think it’s too beaten up. Here’s an amazing thing too. But this is a shop exclusively for spicy fashionistas. Very bright, huh?
This is a statement. You buy here to make a statement. Go outside and attract your eyes, for street-style photos. There are some very cool brands like Nino Ricci here.
Nino Ricci, very cool. This is my favourite color. I don’t know what it is. Is it Russian? That would be cool! Maybe. We already saw two Russian brands down there. What is this here? Alex, yes. Yeah, please tell me what you think about Jacquemus, which is now just rattling all over the world, he is loved by everyone. I think $10 million in turnover is great for a young designer. Now you have to be careful, because everyone is buying it. The bag is small – it’s a delight. Did you see how he made the last show in the field? It’s cool. I love Yeezy. I love this American design, I love what I did Kanye. I have exactly the same male boots. Here’s a good thing from PACO RABANNE. Paris Hilton dress, how much does it cost? I can see you in this.
So can I. In Off-white you have to understand what to buy. For example, I’m wearing jeans and tall guys in general. something so cool happens, now it’s by the way with a 50% discount. How much does it cost?
21 000 rub. Oh, you didn’t have to come here. Well, some of these positions can be seen in Off-white. You have to be able to vary in it. I really like what Virgil Abloh does.
Irony? I like this thing here, button. It’s cool. Why buy some expensive bags when you can buy cheap, but with irony. DRIES VAN NOTEN – this is one of the most brilliant in general, it’s very cool. But it is only for fashionists. Well, would you wear it?
I would have worn it, but I wouldn’t have bought it. Well, Alyx is one of my favorite brands. A male Dior does a collaboration with him. Who does collaboration?
All the bags that Dior makes now are made in collaboration with this brand. I didn’t know. In general, yes, I chose Alyx suit. A little sporty. And here’s a jacket like this. I don’t like it together, I like it separately. Cool! I think it’s funny. So, what about you? I chose Alyx bag too.
We weren’t conspiring! I like the bag, I like these iconic clasps. And the same person makes clasps for Dior. But his bags are cheaper. I like the python, even though it’s not fashionable anymore. But it’s still beautiful. It’s an artificial python, nobody got hurt in the manufacture. I also like this British brand Ashish, it is with self-irony. And here it says “Send nudes”. So, we’re moving on until Gosha blew up the whole shop here, or we’ll buy everything now. We are going further. Where do we go?
Now you will know. Beautiful! Hi! We came to shoot a series… It’s lively, in a free format. Will you have new knitwear? This, as far as I understand. Let’s see at once. Here are all sorts of things. This one is very cool. We have very popular knitwear, it does not look like anything else. Something knits by hand, these sweaters, this one. The next collection of Spring-Summer we do next year, something cotton. But this is already exclusive here, spring-summer? You did not have so many knitwear before. Well, somehow we have it so, and it is very beautiful. We study old fashion magazines, it’s some kind of Soviet copy. Yes. It is more for winter, so it is not suitable for the future. We look through more materials, then we approve. And how can we determine? By intuition. Everything is beautiful. You need to look fashionable, so you have to have your own thread, your own knitting, and if something doesn’t go well, we’ll throw it away. Vika, do you have a production facility here mostly? We have a creative studio, we are developing the first sample. Well, for example, this format. By the way, this kind of knitting has become a reality. Threads, by the way, are made of recycled cotton and polyester. That is, it is completely sustainable. It is also important. This one, right? Look It looks very nice. I can even show you my jacket.
Come on, very cool. I really like it at all, I like everything. It looks like an egg shell, and the color and texture. Completely sustainable. Yeah, very cool. I really want to see this. Is that what’s already going into the stores? Yes, at Farfetch, in TSUM, by the way, it is already for sale. Can I brag? This dress, which I fell madly in love with, is already hanging in my wardrobe. How is it?
But like this. But look at the drawings, great, huh? This is the final, right? You don’t have to look at the thread here, you have to look at the schedule. And that was the way it was. How hard is it to find eco-friendly material now? Raw materials. How difficult is this question now? Because it is relevant, but… But now I won’t be able to answer this question, because it’s just a future project for me. I have already revealed a small secret, saying that the process has already started. But if we talk in detail, we need to do it in more detail in the next series. Tell me what it is. Is it mixed material? These are our most standard fur coats, s, from the very first season when we just started working. Made of mohair and alpaca. They are also made in such a way that the animals do not suffer in the process of production. Wool does not fight with alpacas. Also in Africa there are mohair goats factories that sell us materials also have certificates that the animals do not suffer. They do not rip off, but cut. The animal remains bald, but… That’s how a dog gets his hair cut. How do you like it? I like what’s going on here. On the one hand, I see the love for what I do, but on the other hand, I see the love for what a person does And there’s an incredible atmosphere here, and you’re plunging into it all. The heroine of the brand. How can you describe it? I am often asked this question. I’m not a master of speaking, in this case, but I think it’s someone who stands out from the crowd who wants to stand out. A person who is in the subject of trends, but still has his own view of everything, his own point of view, which is not like the others. With the help of our clothes he declares his uniqueness and originality, and the age here does not matter. Here we are from Gazinskaya and discussing Vika. What do you think, how do you feel at all? You were like a child at New Year’s Eve that opens presents. First of all, I wear her things. Actually. It’s a brand I’ve known for a long time. Vika saved me many times on street-styles abroad. They recognize her, I get an inner aesthetic pleasure and a wow factor. I am very pleased that the fragile girl is doing business on her shoulders. I looked at the scale of the business, how much is there. I saw 15-20 people. The scale of what is happening there. This is a story about management. Therefore, it is demanding and tough. Thank God we did not see it like this. I hope that this is not just lucky for us, but it is actually the case. I like it as a brand. Anyway, we’re at TSUM. In general, it didn’t have anything to do with fashion before. In general, it didn’t have anything to do with fashion before. made an interesting selection of things. This is a place where you can find something interesting. Let’s go and see.
Come on! Terekhov meets us! How do you feel about these outfits? It’s okay. I like it. So I like such things glamorous. You will do such a thing very well. There is one brand that has been promoted, including world-famous bloggers. Now a very popular brand. Zimmerman. I love it very much, very feminine beautiful, cool progressive. And I would like to draw your attention to the fact that there is also Alexa Chang here – a very cool, fashionable and affordable brand. Yes? I don’t have any of the things of this brand. It’s relatively new here. You wanted something like that, low prices, excellent quality. This jacket costs 36 thousand rubles, a new collection. To do this, you need to have a very good body. This is an old Balmain. Yes, not bad. And there is a very good brand – Self Portrait. Natural fur, self-worked. Fendi, Gucci do it as well. It’s if you’re at school, but you love fashion. I like it. It’s a dress.
No, it’s a corset Or is it a dress for the desperate? Ruban – I love this place, and I would like to dedicate a separate issue to this place. The atmosphere here is cool. Beautiful coat, and fits perfectly. It’s the same white, just the lighting is bad. Wang is one love. Here’s something new to come. Look what it is. It’s just awesome! How much does it cost? 140 thousand rubles. Tell me what you like.
I really like this scarf. So cozy. Well, here it is, huh? What’s that got you into retrospect? That’s it, we’re in the fashion world, you can relax and look around like a fashion museum. To look at each thing. People come here for some special things. Look how beautiful it is. I knew you’d like it.
I love expensive strange things. Here we have Off White, Sacai, Acne Studios, Walk of shame. And the hat is very cool. I bought myself a bag by Calvin Clein. Made of fish-mark. Made of fish-mark. These shoes, I think, are uncomfortable. On the contrary, compared to the sandals are very comfortable. How do you like it? By the way, such things are chased by fashionable people all over the world. Some of the most iconic sneakers. They are not so popular, but they are worn by many people. Look what a giant Balenciaga corner is. Huge. Our manufacturers do better. This is a special selection of old collections. This is not completely vintage. Vintage is over 20 years old. And here are just interesting things from the old collections for connoisseurs of fashion, if you have not had time to buy in the past collections. Yes, you can find something good. But here you can find glasses and all kinds of embroidery, for example. There is Alexander McQueen. I even had some such things in my childhood. So if you want to buy something old, you can always come here and find it, because this is where you can find such strange things. The day went well. We stand very symbolically against the background of the words “I love you, Moscow”. In fact, we’ve only looked into small places, but there are more good fashionable places in Moscow, and we’ll tell you about them, but this is a good start to our future route. I like to spend time like this in Moscow. I hope that the audience will also see that in Moscow you can find many interesting places and things. Shopping is a hunt. Yes, we need to look for and find special things. Write comments, we will definitely read them and write them. Put down likes, sign up, thank you!

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